• New to The Mae? Read this!
    • When booking your first service please choose from the following: Color Consultation, New Client Color & Cut or New Client Women’s Haircut
  • We LOVE family and children but our space is not child-proof. We would hate to see a child get hurt! Please, organize childcare prior to your appointment. If this isn’t possible, we may have to reschedule your service to maintain the safety of your child.
  • If you’re not sure what services to book for please feel free to call or text us at: 317-602-3740


Please note our cancellation policy:

24-hour/no show cancellation policy

If there is an appointment cancellation within 24 hoursĀ or a ‘no show’, we will require a credit card to be kept on file. If another ‘no show’ or cancellation within 24 hours occurs, you will be charged for the scheduled service. As an appointment based business, we appreciate your understanding of why such a policy must be in place.