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A year already??!

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The Mae turns 1 TODAY?! Can you even believe it??  We literally started from the bottom and now we're here?! Whaaaaat?! We have grown from 2 stylists, an apprentice and a manager (shout out to Lille Wilson and Kayla Holloway!) to 9 stylists and 2 front desk coordinators! Talk about growth! When I think about where we were a year ago to today, I am blown away...  We(I) have learned SO much in a year, I could seriously write a book! (Maybe I will?) How the heck was I not scared out of my mind with the looming mortgage payment in one of the highest end neighborhoods in the 317 on top of, oh I don't know, keeping the lights and water running?! Not to mention making sure everyone gets paid at the end of the week! Yeeeesh! It's because I KNEW that we were destined for greatness no matter what it looked like in the beginning. Even tho our walls were bare that first month and I spent nearly $3k on a desk that we all hated. The Mae was born out of a desire, passion and calling to not just make the world a better place but to show everyone who walks thru that door that no matter how big, crazy, scary *insert whatever excuse you have* your dream is that you have that dream for a reason! It is a part of you that is screaming to be let loose! Fear isn't something to run away from, it is something to be faced on head first with a blow dryer and pair of shears! LOL! Literally, everything beautiful in life lays right on the other side of your biggest fear. I can guarantee that! So we faced that fear because we knew we were onto something. Something that is bigger than us. Even though we aren't always sure what that was going to look like! But we knew (and still know) that through our challenges and struggles only comes growth and unity. This dream started with sleepless nights, that led to conversations, that led to connections, and now we are 1 year in at 4907 N Penn, The Mae! Our name, The Mae, came from a vegan blogger that I(Korie) am obsessed with, Deliciously Ella (I'm not too blogger savvy yet, so I don't know how to link her name??) who opened up a vegan deli in the UK called The Mae Deli. It opened when I was trying to come up with a name. I saw it and knew, that was it! The Mae. Mae is a family name on both sides and was my Mother's Mother's middle name. I later found out that, Mae, also means 'mother' in Portuguese (shout-out to Ana Vaz Isles!)... How perfect is that??!! So The Mae was born almost a year and half after my first born baby girl, Harlow Mae. *insert heart emoji, that my laptop doesn't have* *insert laugh/crying emoji* If you don't follow me on Instagram (@korielance) you must, because everyone needs The Bean's (my baby girl's) face in their life! Seriously, she's literally the essence of joy! I dare you not to smile when you see those perfect teeth in that ear to ear grin!! So thank you, to the people that have made this dream a reality!! Kayla Holloway for helping me with not just the vision and dream of the space but literally sitting on my couch and ordering the furniture, sinks, mirrors, desk etc... (remember that??!!) but for being my person who believed in this just as much as me. Thank YOU! Lille Wilson, THANK YOU, for being The Mae's first apprentice and first full-time stylist!! And for believing in this dream and not just being a part of it but for raising the standards and being a leader and emulating everything that The Mae stands for. Thank you to my husband, who is my rock. I could, LITERALLY, write another blog post just to thank this man... Seriously, ladies it's worth waiting for the right one!! Thank you, to Tiffany Skilling, for bringing the vision of the interior design of the space to life on such short notice! Thank you, to my attorney, friend and client, Stacia Buechler, for brainstorming with me and putting this dream on paper and believing in our 'why'! Thank you to, Austin Wechter, for doing so much for me digitally with the website, logo, business cards and all things graphic design! Genius! Thank you to, Tom Linebarger, for putting me in contact with the right people to obtain our amazing location at 49th & Penn. Thank you to our guests who make this dream a reality. We love to make you feel beautiful from the inside out. You provide us with an opportunity to make the world a better and more beautiful place, everyday. Thank you to everyone who believes in us! Look. Feel. DO good! Here are some pics from those first days! Ps. Celebrating my first blog post, ever!!! Woot woot!!!    

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  1. Ok. That just made me cry! I love you and I am soooo proud of you and to call you my friend! I love watching you grow and so glad I have been along for the ride!!

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